digital CEPIEC

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iresearch: E-books Platform

Knowledge for Wisdom. Resources for Academic Research

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itext: E-textbooks Platform

Co-building and sharing of foreign textbook resources with the Foreign Textbooks Center of the Ministry of Education

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PPV Platform

Providing one-stop services including the search, browse and full-text access of articles

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Core Academic Service

Providing acquisition solutions for academic books

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Chinese Modern History Research Database

Full-text digitalization project of modern Chinese newspapers and periodicals

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Academic Journals Platform

Helping foreign academic publishers localize their journals

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Service Platform for Libraries: Periodical

For our clients we provide a comprehensive online ordering process for the purchase of paper and e-journals; digital materials; as well as the management of the client's digital databases

Service Platform for Libraries: Book

To our clients, we provide monthly and subject-based catalogs of imported books, series, and multi-volume titles; research reports on imported books, special resources, and key recommended titles; and...

Tmall store

We provide books in a range of categories: from titles in academic, popular, business and commercial, English-language learning, medical, art, children’s art and other imported titles to sell online t...