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International book donation

International book donation is a non-profit social service that we started in July 2011 based on the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, as described in their co-issued Notice of the Related Matters Regarding Donated Foreign Publications from Overseas Organizations or Individuals. In our book donation service, we re-donate foreign books given by other sources to academic libraries in China.

The books that we re-donate are mainly from foreign book donation programs of the Ministry of Education, as well as the U.S. Asia Foundation, and the Japanese Science Society. The books will be delivered to libraries in need, especially to those in the western China after we screen out unfit titles and complete import procedures. More than 300 university libraries, public libraries, and other institutional libraries have signed agreements with us to receive the re-donated books.

In order to better serve the universities and the society, to enhance cultural communications, and to contribute to education, we built a dedicated platform— for book donation to effectively manage this operation and to provide online services to the book donors and recipients. On this website, there are updated book donation information, such as books availability and donating status. Libraries can easily search and select the books they like to receive, and the donating organizations can check the distribution and usage status of their books.