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Sell books, periodicals, and databases to China

We are helping more than 10,000 publishers and content providers around the world selling their products to over 10,000 institutions across China. These institutions cover universities, research institutions, public libraries, corporations, government organizations, and hospitals. Among them, there are many famous names, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, National Library of China, Shanghai Library, and National Science Library. We have a long history of working with the Chinese government as their supplier of many foreign language books, like those purchased through HEBF (Higher Educational Book Foundation) program and Foreign Textbook Import Project of the Ministry of Education. We are also helping CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) in its undertaking of improving the usage of university libraries’ collections. In addition to institutions, we can help foreign publishers reach Chinese consumers through our partnerships with major e-commerce sites like,,, and