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Current Path:首页 > ENGLISH > business is an integrated foreign academic content service platform developed through the joint efforts of CEPIEC and our parent company—China Education Publishing & Media Group. It is an open service platform combining the functions of collecting, processing, integrating, marketing and selling of both physical and digital contents. Its mission is to help Chinese institutions and individuals have fast access to global academic resources in all formats. With over 3,000 Chinese institutions using it searching for more than 5 million book catalog records, 70,000 journal catalog records, and 120,000 e-books from over 1,000 foreign publishers, has become a leading portal for finding and buying foreign academic contents in China.

As a platform connecting foreign resources to the demands in China, provides comprehensive solutions to foreign publishers as well as Chinese institutions, the main community in China needs foreign academic contents. For publishers, it offers digital asset upload and management tools, data processing services, and digital rights management (DRM) protection. For institutions on the other hand, the site provides powerful searching, discovery, and purchasing facilities.

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