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     CEPIEC’s POD is powered by the world’s latest data processing, digital printing, and internet technologies. It is ideal to produce medium, short, and ultra-short print runs, as well as single copies of imported books and journals, Chinese publications, and personalized printing demands. Our POD operation is supported by three key components: a modern digital POD factory, a digital asset management center, and a POD e-commerce site. It will transform CEPIEC to the only integrated content service provider connected seamlessly to global publishers and distribution channels with true one-off on demand printing capabilities in China, even in East Asia.

    Our POD solutions have the following four advantages:

    - Reengineer import process and offer faster services

    Our POD services will change the way how printed foreign language publications are supplied to China. There will be no need for costly international shipping and physical contents can reach customers much faster by being printed locally in China. It will benefit more than 10,000 Chinese universities, libraries, research institutes, and corporations as well as Chinese consumers through our content platform ISLIB.com as well as other online distribution channels, such as Amazon.cn, Dangdang.com, and JD.com. Moreover, its competitive costs and delivery speed will further expand the demand for foreign publications in China.

    - Sell to China and reach out to the world

    Using the knowledge and know-how that we’ve learned in our 27 years’ operation, we are able to design effective marketing plans for different foreign publishers to help them create maximum awareness and interest of their products in China. We also specialize in helping Chinese publications go global using our existing data exchanging network with more than 39,000 book distributors and channels in over 210 countries and regions.

    - Manage digital assets and share resources

    Our POD digital asset management center can store printable digital files from publishers and distributors and can exchange real time inventory data with them. Strict controls are in place to safeguard all the digital assets. Chinese online retailers, wholesalers, libraries, and book stores can order printed publications from this center, even just for a single copy of one title.

    - Fulfill orders for publishers and be invisible to their customers

    CEPIEC has always been a loyal partner to the publishers. With our POD services, we are able to receive publishers’ orders from their customers, to manufacture based on the required quantity, and to deliver to the specified addresses on the orders using shipping labels with the publishers’ names. We will stay invisible during this whole process to the customers.

    Visit 【POD提供POD网址】to try out our on demand printing services.

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